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William has a passion for the Financial Services Industry. He believes in the protection and growth of retirement assets and uses all strategies available in order to achieve the financial goals of his clients. He excels in teaching his clients so they can make informed decisions about their financial life. William believes in tough love and planning for all three (3) phases of retirement. When you are working there are not many rules to go by but then the closer you get to your FRA the rules change and your goals change.


For all your financial and retirement needs...

Planning for a secure financial future can be difficult with so many product choices, strategies and companies to choose from.  Our philosophy is simple:

  1. We never put your assets at risk so your principal is always secure;

  2. We provide competitive rates of returns to grow your wealth;

  3. We take advantages of the law to provide tax savings when possible;

  4. We provide lifetime income, living benefits such as long term care coverage for little or no additional costs; 

  5. We offer income protection and wealth transfers; and 

  6. We provide World Class Service.

The Power of Life Insurance

There is no greater need in society today than for every family to have life insurance. Life insurance is that little love letter from the deceased that says, “I love you enough to make sure you are OK financially after I am gone.” It is especially needed now, when we have serious economic issues facing America. Taxes are going up, income is stagnant and retirement benefits are dropping like a rock. Our parents had defined benefit plans to subsidize retirement along with Social Security.

Today, most individuals have been made personally responsible for their our own retirement plans in the form of 401(k)s, IRAs and other retirement vehicles.  Additionally, we are told that Social Security might not be there for many of us. Because of all of this economic strife, the increase debt of our government and the likelihood of tax increase in the future, life insurance becomes a key ingredient for the safety of every family. It should be the foundation of any financial plan. 

Permanent life insurance has value in every season of an insured’s life, from the early years when one needs protection for loved ones to mid-life when they can use it for those little financial emergencies that happen to every family. In retirement, it can not only provide a safety net for financial emergencies, but an additional income stream to subsidize other retirement income. And, it can be a tax free inheritance to the kids or other loved ones upon the death of the insured.  Most importantly, life insurance can provide financial safety for a surviving spouse.

Picking the Right Annuity

Since there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all financial planning, some products will be a better fit for some people than others.

For those who have a limited amount of funds that they can't afford to lose due to the volatility of the stock or bond market or just want to sleep better knowing they have some guarantees in place, annuities are an excellent vehicle in their retirement strategy. Before considering this investment vehicle, you’ll want to know more about your options.

An annuity is an insurance product originally created to prevent people from outliving their money by providing guaranteed income until death. This is the primary function or benefit that an annuity provides.  Since there many different types of annuities available to you with a large choice of insurance companies offering them, picking the right product may be a challenge. Our firm will assist you in finding the right annuity for your goals and objectives.  We make sure the fees associated with the annuity contract are competitive and that are essential for your goals and objectives.  Make sure the companies issuing the contracts and the guarantees in the contract have solid balances sheets and solid ratings from the various financial rating organization. And finally, the type of annuity implemented is the correct product to meet your goals and objectives.  ​

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